In the name of Allah, Most gracious, Most merciful;
  Masjid Abubakar 

Prayer times

Jummah Salah: Khutba start 12:30 and Jamaat at 1pm


8/02/2019 Masha Allah today is 1st Dhul Hijjah

Inshah Allah 'day of arafat' on Sat-10 and Eid al-Adha Sun-11
Prayers at
ICEV Chandler, 425 N Alma School Road, Chandler, AZ 85224
First: Gathering at 6am, Prayer at 6:30am
Second: Gathering at 7:30am, Prayer at 8am


In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Masjid Abubakar is an independent non-profit organization. It functions to provide a place for Muslims to worship and provide religious and educational facilities for the society. Over the past few years of continuous efforts, Masjid Abubaker project acquired suitable land in East Mesa, necessary approvals from the city of Mesa and Alhamdulillah now Masjid is in the final phase of construction.

There is still requirement to raise money for the final phase. Therefore, our request to our Muslim brothers, sisters, and supporters is to help us raise the remaining money for the construction of this Masjid. Allah SWT in his infinite wisdom places each and every one of us in different circumstances in order to see which of us have the best actions and he will reward us for our intentions. It is not how much we donate in monetary terms or effort, but how much personal sacrifice we make from what has been given to us. Please donate generously towards the house of Allah.

“The donor will reap the benefits of their contribution for as long as the masjid exists, may it stand and benefit the local community until the Day of Judgement Insha Allah”

Welcome to your Masjid in East Mesa, AZ. Masjid is currently under construction.

Address: 1017 S 88th St., Mesa, AZ 85208

Telehone: 480-986-9106



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Address: 1017 S 88th St., Mesa, AZ 85208
Telehone: 480-986-9106

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Mohammed Munir 480-277-2973
Qazi Morad Hasan 480-274-2405
Khokon Haque 480-734-0278
Saleh Kamal 480-650-5308
M. A. Shoeb 213-321-3365
Golam Hossain 480-213-7070
Abdur Rob Zahir 480-540-0762
Mahabub Rahim 602-367-3963
Shamsul Alam 602-312-3058
Aleem M. Khawaja 408-206-3251

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